Preformed heaters can be vulcanised to a selection of diameters to suit a full or partial circumference of pipework.
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Key Facts

  • 3-5 Day Delivery
  • Custom Design
  • Precise Even Heating
  • Flexible & Lightweight
  • UL & VDE Approval Available
  • Moisture & Chemical Resistant
  • Etch Foil & Wire Wound Technology
  • Wide Temperature Range -60 - to +230°C

Advantages of Preformed Heaters

Being thin and lightweight, silicone heater mats have a low thermal mass and hence have rapid heat up characteristics and fast response to temperature control.

Silicone’s wide operating temperature range of –60 to +230°C and superb electrical properties give it a distinct advantage over other forms of heating.


In applications where a heater mat is required to fit small diameter pipe-work a more precise fit can be obtained by using the pre-formed option. Holroyd can form and vulcanise silicone heaters to fit full or partial circumference of any pipe diameter. These heaters can be supplied with separate straps for fixing or can be permanently installed using room temperature vulcanising silicone adhesive or self adhesive systems. Holroyd can provide a factory fitting service for assembly of silicone heaters to customer components using vulcanization or self adhesive methods. We have many years experience of fitting to complicated pipe-work, plates, tanks and many other forms.

Service And Design 

Providing the full design service Holroyd can manufacture virtually any shape and size heater coupled with short delivery times of 3-5 days. From prototype to production, spares and problem solving, Holroyd cover the full spectrum.

Thermal Control 

An extensive range of thermal control devices can be incorporated onto the heaters, these include thermocouples, platinum sensors and limit switches. Pockets and housings can also be applied enabling the client to install their own control devices such as PT100’s and capillary thermostats.


Wire Wound Heaters

Wire Wound Heaters

Wire Wound Heaters for low volume applications

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