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What is a Silicone Rubber Insulated Heating Element?
Comprising of a wire or etched resistor laminated between sheets of silicone rubber compound. These heaters are ideally suited for the heating of surfaces in a multitude of applications. Being of low thermal mass their heat transference is exceptional and being resistant to moisture they do not suffer moisture ingress associated with mineral insulated heating elements. Their thin lightweight construction and ease of installation make them a cost effective, reliable heating solution.
What is the Difference between Foil and Wire?
Wire Wound element uses a round resistance wire and is ideally suited for small quantities and low cost sampling. It also lends itself to larger sizes to a maximum of 900mm x 3000mm not only can it be used in adhesive static applications but also where repeated flexing is required. Etch Foil uses a chemically etched stainless steel track much like a printed circuit board suited to high power densities and medium to large quantities. Used mainly in static applications. Maximum size 600mm x 2500mm.
How much will a one off cost and how long will it take?
Delivery on small quantities is normally 7-10 days including design. Cost is dependent upon the size of heater, but set up charges are minimal for wire wound heaters. Etch foil prototypes are available within 2-3 weeks and still only incur tooling charges of a few hundred pounds