Thermal Devices

For simple cost-effective temperature limiting or control of silicone heaters, you can find a wide range of options at Holroyd Components’. We offer a range of bi-metal thermostats including 0.5-inch Disc, U12 Uchiya & Pepi Ja, which are suitable for different applications and preferences, plus single shot thermal fuses as an absolute temperature limiting device option.

Bi-metal thermostat temperature controls use a bimetallic strip to sense the temperature change and switch the heater on or off accordingly. They have a fixed temperature Setting with our stock range extending from 5C to 220C. They also have either auto or manual reset options available, which determine how the heater is turned back on after reaching the set temperature. The auto reset option automatically turns the heater back on when the temperature drops below the set point, while the manual reset option requires a manual intervention to turn the heater back on.

The bimetallic thermostats can be wired in two ways: directly into the circuit of the heater, which means they are integrated with the heater and share the same power source, or wired separately, which means they are independent from the heater and have their own voltage supply. This might be needed for heaters with a DC supply or Voltage above 250VAC. 

Thermal fuses incorporate a wax pellet that melts at a given set point temperature which opens the contacts in the fuse and cuts the supply to the heater. This is a final temperature limit option as the fuse cannot be reset and must be replaced if the heater is to be used again. Thermal fuses are a good back up to bi-metal thermostats or integrated temperature sensors.

Thermal Devices Technical Data Sheet

Key Facts

  • UL approved
  • Wide temperature range
  • Low profile option
  • Auto & manual reset available
  • Can be wired into circuit or wired separately
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