If you are looking for a reliable and effective way to heat products that are prone to sticking or evaporating, the HSHP (High performance side drum heaters) are a perfect option. The HSHP drum heaters are insulated heating jackets that have an outer layer of PTFE coated glass fabric, which is a non-stick and water-resistant material that can prevent product contamination and heat loss and is easy to clean.

The HSHP drum heating jacket can be used for heating products with high water content. They can help maintain consistent product temperatures and prevent product degradation or crystallization.

To ensure accurate and safe temperature regulation, the drum heater comes with either a capillary or a digital thermostat that can be adjusted to your desired setting. The capillary thermostat uses a liquid-filled sensor to measure the temperature and switch the heater on or off accordingly. The digital thermostat uses PT100 sensor which relays back to the digital thermostat. This thermostat has a digital display and buttons to set and monitor the temperature with high precision.

The industrial drum heaters are easy to install and remove, thanks to their adjustable straps and buckles that can fit on a variety of drum or container sizes. A standard stock range for 200L drums is available within a few days. Bespoke heater jackets can be manufactured to suit the diameter and height of the vessel in your application.

HSHP Technical Data Sheet

Key Facts

  • High levels of chemical and acid resistance
  • Easy clean hygienic heater solution
  • Lightest drum heater jacket on the market
  • Standard power availability 1800W
  • Bespoke sizes to order
  • Adjustable quick release buckles
  • Standard sizes available in stock
  • High operating temperature of up to 220°C

Current Applications

With an outer material that is both wipeable and abrasion resistant, the HSHP heating jacket is suited for innumerable industries but is most commonly used in applications which involve chemical, acid and food handling. Its high temperature rating and resistance to chemicals allow for use in many processing applications. 

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