Many of Holroyd’s products can be supplied with thermostats, sensors and adjustable controllers to ensure your application.
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Temperature sensors and Switches

Available from stock are PT100’s, J, K and T type thermocouples, bi-metal thermostats and thermal fuses. We also fit customer specified thermistors and other resistance temperature devices as well as extruded pockets for customer to fit their own sensors. Separate mechanical or digital thermostats can be supplied for process control.

Thermal Control 

An extensive range of thermal control devices can be incorporated onto the heaters, these include thermocouples, platinum sensors and limit switches. Pockets and housings can also be applied enabling the client to install their own control devices such as PT100’s and capillary thermostats.


The electronic analogue thermostat is a boxed unit that connects to the supply cable of the heater mat. The heater mat is supplied with a PT100 sensor and a 4 pole plug which connects to a corresponding socket in the thermostat completing the connections of the sensor and electrical supply. The unit is rated for 110 or 230 Volt supply and a maximum power output of 3000 Watts. The adjustable temperature range is 0-200°C. A 2 metre cable is fitted for connection to the electrical supply. We can adapt the standard unit to allow a sensor to be inserted into the process being heated.


The electronic digital thermostat is a fully programmable unit housed in an enclosure along with a residual current device. Complete with a stainless steel mounting bracket, connection to the heater is via a 4 pole plug and socket arrangement. The thermostat input is a PTC1000 sensor embedded on the heater mat. Standard supply voltage is 230V but can also be supplied in a 110 Volts version. Adjustable through a temperature range of 0-150°C.


The capillary thermostat is supplied as a separate item to be built in to the final assembly along with the heater mat. The sensing bulb can be placed in a sensor pocket on the heater mat surface. With single pole switching, the body of the thermostat can be mounted up to 1 metre away from the sensor location. Suitable up to 230 Volt supply with a switching capacity of 15 Amps.

Thermal Devices

Thermal Devices

For control of the temperature of your heating element

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