Suitable for low and high volume production, Etched foil heaters have rapid heat up properties with precise temperature control.
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Key Facts

  • 7-10 Days Delivery
  • Precise Even Heating
  • Custom Design
  • Flexible & Lightweight
  • UL & VDE Approval Available
  • Moisture & Chemical Resistant
  • Wide Temperature Range 60°C to +230°C

Advantages Of Etch Foil Heaters

Computer designed, chemically etched foil tracks are laminated between thin sheets of silicone to give precise, even heating. Suitable for both low and high volume production, Etched Foil Heaters have rapid heat up properties with precise temperature control. Suited to applications where high power densities are required, Etched Foil Heaters offer a more precise form of heating than their Wire Wound counterparts owing to wider heated tracks. Having manufactured Etched Foil Heaters for decades, Holroyd are experts in designing specific track layouts and meeting the most precise of customer demands.

Advantages Of Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone rubber is ideally suited for the production of heater mats with it’s low thermal mass, superb electrical insulation properties and robust construction. it allows high power densities and offers fast response to temperature control. With silicone’s wide temperature tolerance of –60°C to 230°C as well as being thin and lightweight it has distinct advantages over other forms of heating. Where direct, precise and intimate heating is required silicone heaters are the ideal solution.


Etched Foil Heaters are suited to both high and low volume applications, applications which require a rapid heat-up times or where even surface heating is required. Holroyd’s heaters are used in countless applications but Etched Foil Heaters have been regularly used for the following purposes; telecommunications, satellite dishes, laboratory equipment and commercial building to name just a few. If you’re not sure if a Etch Foil Heater would suit your requirements then please contact one of our technical support team who would be only too happy to advise you.


Holroyd can offer a variety of fixing methods and thermal control options. Check out our Silicone Heater Accessories and Silicone Heater Fixings pages for more information.

Service, Design & Delivery

Providing a full design, prototype and production service, Holroyd can manufacture virtually any shape or size heater. Our Etched Foil Heaters offer customers a prototype design and OEM manufacture solution with delivery schedules suited to requirement. With average lead times of 2-4 weeks for full production (dependent on quantity) and urgent delivery of 10 days on prototype foil designs, Holroyd ensure a top quality, high-speed service from start to finish.

Wire Wound Heaters

Wire Wound Heaters

Wire Wound Heaters for low volume applications

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